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The Problem


     Like many of you, i've suffered through mediocre covers which ended up hurting my furniture more than protecting it. the high backs of my chairs allowing water to pool, soaking through the cover and onto my furniture. Cover stains on my nice furniture, wasting huge amounts of money on my nice darn furniture! Not to mention the very thin and prone to ripping over time covers that I've dealt with.


The Solution

     Since ive seen so many people go through what I've gone through, I figured why don't I actually research a solution. One of the biggest problems was from pooling water, so I thought what could be a good wa to prevent this? And after a lot of time and research I came up with this 'Anti Pooling Pole with Straps' as the best possible method to prevent pooling, beyond any other methods I could find. This is the most secure and reliable way to prevent pooling, giving peace of mind. The next time was to make sure we used the highest quality materials in making the cover, as to prevent staining, ripping, and thin material which gets tossed in the wind too easily. So by creating a reliable method to prevent water pooling, and raising the bar for quality, we created the best cover I've seen. DURASHIELD.

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